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In Celebration of Black Women

All of our clay washes are made with Black women in mind, but the Terra Black Clay & Maqui Berry Clay Wash is a celebration of Black Women. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this limited edition product will be used to support other Black women-owned businesses.

Nourishing Ingredients

Terra Black Clay: The Rejuvenator

This detoxing clay absorbs impurities and toxins, lifting them from your hair as you rinse. It balances the oil content of your hair, exfoliating and soothing your scalp.

Maqui Berry: The Superfruit

This ingredient will have you doing a length check every time you wash. It not only promotes growth, but makes your hair look and feel more full, improving the appearance of your crown's density and thickness. More volume, more length, more shine.

African Kombo Butter: The Super Butter

Also known as African nutmeg, Kombo Butter is anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal, promoting hair and scalp health. It revitalizes even the driest of scalps, creating fertile ground for hair growth.

Ambunu Leaves: The Gentle Cleanser

All our clay washes are designed to act as a pre-poo or non-shampoo wash for your hair. Ambunu Leaves cleanse gently, while conditioning and strengthening your tresses. Not only is this ingredient anti-inflammatory; it is a natural emollient, meaning it softens your hair as you apply it.

Healthy Kinks & Kurls

Increased Length

If you're looking to grow your hair, this clay wash will be your best friend. Maqui Berry and African Kombo Butter team up to promote growth.

Stronger Strands

No matter the length or style, strengthening your hair is an important part of promoting its overall health. Prevent breakage with Ambunu Leaves and supporting ingredients that promote resilient tresses.

Healthy Scalp

 Just like you shouldn't plant seeds in bad soil, you can't expect to grow long, strong hair from an unhealthy scalp. Our proven and plant-based formula will eliminate scalp dryness and irritation, giving way to lasting scalp health.