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Summer Clay for Your Summer Crown

Fun in the summer sun means your hair needs different things in order to thrive: extra moisture; protection from humidity, salt water, and chlorine; and the nutrients that keep it healthy all year long.

Nourishing Ingredients

Coral Clay: The Rebalancer

All of our clays are detoxifying. This one absorbs toxins and impurities, washing them away as you rinse. It also moisturizes both your hair and scalp, strengthening your strands to fight hair loss.

Mango Butter: The Renewal Butter

This rich, nourishing butter helps stimulate skin cell renewal to rejuvenate your scalp. It also protects the hair and softens it from the inside out, helping it retain a healthy bounce.

Methi: The Replenisher

Also known as Fenugreek, this ingredient adds smoothness to soften away snags for a better detangling experience. It's also naturally anti-inflammatory, which helps soothe scalp irritation and clear up dandruff.

Happy Kinks & Kurls

Healthier Scalp

All of the main ingredients in this wash will improve scalp health. Methi is anti-inflammatory to fight off dandruff, mango butter soothes by stimulating skin cell renewal, and coral clay detoxes to the scalp.

Long-Term Growth

Coral Clay is high in silica, which is great for developing stronger strands and reducing hair loss.